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 We are global citizens wishing to have this Planet Earth a beautiful place to live in  and our sustainability is possible only through water. Health, we here mean, is your own health, environmental health, financial health, spiritual health  ,emotional health,societal health,educational health,  and Health of the Mother Earth We have our presence in more than 25 countires . We advocate that better  GDP of any country is possible only when every household would be able to save 60 per cent of their family income for a better standard of living  and only Health can bring in  better life ,peace,harmony and happiness for  the society  & financial security.  Most of the governments  in the world are putting so much pressure on their people for their better performances because the policy makers are lacking wisdom in water, respect for water and allied challenging  health issues of the citizens.


Check out this great video: SCHOOLS 4 HEALTH


WATER IS LIFE & WATER GIVES LIFE!! We are water bodies and our every organ should happily swim in


Importance of Water

Water produces hydro-electricity

Water is needed for the hugging and bonding of minerals

Water therapy can cure almost 85 per cent of diseases & water is harmless.



OUR  Water therapy+ concept  can cure almost 85 per cent of diseases & water is harmless but you need water wisdom.

Why our Water Therapy is the Hero!! Our Water Therapy+ concept is not expenisve and it can heal


"Healthy life makes the people live with high confidence and peace to work accurately and quickly

Who has the most water!!! *Babies and children have the highest percentage of water.


 It is strongly believed that if one follows the right method of drinkng water, it has the ability to purify the human body. One will be energised with new fresh blood, what is known in the  medical world as  Hematopoiesis.


Each individual is unique, so the answer varies.

Make you thinK

Our concept has magical power



Water Therapy is not expenisve and it can heal & cure Insulin dependent diabetes,asthma, allergies, obeisty, retina damage,high blood pressure, stress & depression, heaeache, morning sickness, back pain, neck pain, rhematoid arthritis pain, Hiatus hernia, colitis pain, dyspeptic pain, angina pain, cancer etc.

Some people drink enough water, stilll....


Many people drink lots of water and still they suffere from many diseases.  What happens is they drink in water and bypassess. So our concept would enlighten on it!!

Suffering from cold,sneezing running nose ,Nasal congestion,bronchitis etc.


Our Health Ambassador can guide you with our WWTD techniques.. Many people blame the water?

Water radiates energy for the life environment

Efficient Drought Management System!!


* Better transport managemenets through neurotransmitters 

* Efficent chemical messengers to

activate  vital organs


 *Bettter standard of production, and monitor of demand and supply


* Water has Life giving & life sustaining properties


Thereby the proteins & the enzymes of the body functions more efficientlly


Our Health Ambassadors @ your service

Our Mission: Health , Happiness & Achieving Goals

Caregivers You Can Trust


Feel better in the comfort of your own home. We specialize in care and daily living assistance to an array of individuals. Whether you need daily or weekly assistance due to aging, illness, recovery, or rehabilitation, our care givers will provide an individualized service that you can trust. We have the excellent leadership of Mr. Murli Menon, Founder of our concept & United Nations Awardee who has a vast experience in Global Education  and Health Education..   

He has specialized skills in education, effective communication techniques , Human Health, Diet & Nutrition and in Health studies.. For Mr. Menon, Health is a passion and so no looking back. He has a energetic team of Health Ambassadors like Dr. Yogesh Sharma, Dr. Anurag Gupta, Dr. Shankul Dwivedi, Dr. Alok Kumar,  and many  volunteers globally.

Experienced and Supportive


We understand that not one care plan fits all. Daily services can include anything from meal preparation, hygiene, cleaning, and supervision. We will take the time to get to know you and develop an individualized care plan that fits your specific needs. 

OUR PUNCHILINE: You are your own doctor, let the doctors be your advisers!!!



We are a community of people  from the field  of health & education and create awreness  on water wisdom and respect for water specially for human bengs & how water therapy+  radiates Health & Happiness in You!!!

Life Quotes

Win the battle


The day you learn that water is the most essential  element for the process of digestion of food, you have won......

Parents Beware


Because parents are the first Health Ambassador of their children

Why inhaler!!!



We change your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our services

1. Prevention of diseases: 5 hours 

2.  What are the true causes of diseases : 5 hours

3. 3. The Liver your District Business Center:   5 hours

4. 4. How to be your own doctor!! : 5 hours

5. 5. Salt & Water your best friends!! : 5 hours

6. 6. Basic of metabolism & nutrition: 5 hrs.

7. 7. Your Hormones for  Sexual Health & Happiness : 5 hours

8. 8. Your Myocardium is not just a muscle!! : 5 hours

9. 9. Ignorance on Osteoporosis: 5 hours 

10. 10. Healthy LIfe for your Gut: the first brain: 5 hours

11. 11. Your power to decode dibetes : 5 hours

12. 12. Seven Healthy Habits : 5 hours

We do customize all our modules, apt for company employees, managers, Junior managements, middle

 Teachers,students of secondary, higher secondary schools, Universities(students & facaulities ) parents, clubs, sports centres 

; media management & staff; politicians and leaders ; autonomous bodies, semi-government and gove


. And very special modules for doctors ,medical students and para-medical students.

. We are meant for SDGs: Health of everything which includes your own health, environmental hea

Make a great difference for yourself and show your purpose in this Planet Earth

Personal consultation is also available


How Water Can Save Life!!

Check out this great video

Genes are not built of cast-iron !!

Services: Prevention of diseases, chronic diseases ,Schools

Our Global Goals


Suppot the SDGs  framed  by the United Nations such as  Health for All, Quality Education & Empowerment, Gender Equality, Water & Sanitation, Production &  Consumption, Peaceful world etc.


Physical Disability Support


Arthritis, physical disabilities, and age-related conditions are some of the few circumstances that prevent patients from caring for themselves. Our caregivers can assist you with daily tasks such as mobility, eating, exercising, and grooming.

We have already  done the application  of our concept with Prerna Foundation, Delhi and the feedback is  positive.  We initiated this with them in 2016.

What they actually need:

1. Share & care

2. Personal assistance and support

3. Inclusive education and training

4.Full access to the living environment

5.Adequate income

6.Equal employment opportunities

7.Access to information


9. Advocacy

10.Water wisdom





We are launching  WATER THERAPY BELL  for schools in the first phase. from 19th November,2019 & Principals and directors of the school managements can CONTACT US for  appointments. This concept will focus on   

1.  academic learning

2. Concentration, confidence & Coherent body of knowledgement.

3. Productivity enhancement in learning areas.

4. Life skills on empathy ,sympathy, compassion, courage etc.

5. Problems solving skills

6. Memory enhancement

7. Prevention of disease

8. It brings in calmness, peace etc in children

9.  Urine infection in children as they have been using common toilets in the school and outside.

10.  constipation in children 

11. Pre Menstrual Syndromes & Post Menstrual Syndromes

12. Mathematical skills.

13.  Success in sports and games area.

14.  hormonal imbalances.

15. Achieving  the SDGs directly & indirectly:

 16. Ultimately Final Goals Achievements of the children,parents,teachers ,Principals &  managements.

Our Package

Schools 4 HeaLTH

We have different   packages for schools and the cost  per one student is just 5 Dollars for three months. We need minimum of 100 students from one educational institution. The major part of the amount we collect to be used for volunteers, & community developments .

There are reasons for everything!! Unfolding is your task!!


Why Mr. Murli Menon founded World Water Therapy Day?


He himself was a victim of psoriasis during 90s, &  his friend doctor in Mumbai, Dr. Hegde advised him to shift from modern medical treatement to other alternative medical system as there is no permanent cure for psoriasis in allopathy. Mr. Menon visited many libraries including Central Library in Mumbai to find out the casuses for this immune-mediated disease . After lots of study and research, he started doing Yoga and drinking water though he had no idea about water therapy.  Water and Yoga did miracles in life and within six months, the psoriasis,  which affected thorughout his body, started disappering, started feeling more energetic and alive. 

Mr. Menon claims with his conviction!! Water can do wonders in life for health, happiness, enviro

His faith & confidence mounted!! He was also the victim of Spinal Stenosis in the year 1999 in New


HIs God & Religion


In Indian traditon, the hierarchy is Mata, Pita, Guru & Daivam(Mother,Father, the Guru & the Divine). But Mr. Menon has added one more in the hierarchy ,and he ranked Water the number one. 

Do you want to  ignite your leadership with Mr. Menon?  

Everyone who loves water and who are ignorant about water ,  can be  our volunteer and  who all wish to have smile in others through the bonding of water molecules . 

His affirmation is that Water Never cheats living  and non-living beings.  We , humans, are  contaminated and polluted.


John Doe

 “If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people, these are the people I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them."

Jane Smith

 “I didn’t know what to do about my health issues. I found that this team was just who I was looking for. They are friendly, professional, and they really care.”

Jennifer Jones

 “If you are looking for some compassionate, caring people, this is the team I highly recommend. Their friendliness and professionalism is what I love about them."

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World Water Therapy Day

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We Service the Following Areas:

  1. Area ::Prevention of Diseases
       Chronic Diseases, communicable & non-communicable diseases
      Post surgical care
  2.  Area  : School students, parents,teachers in the area of Health,Education,  learning enhancement, learning disabilities , Sports activities
  3. Better performances for the employees, employers & producitivity 
  4. How our concept can save 40-60 per cent of the housholds.
  5. How  governments can save 40-to 60 per cent of the budgets  in Health,Education, Industries, Policing etc.

Water you can trust


How your business & educaton flourish with water:Water has the ability to adapt,change and flexible;  Water doesn't get agitated, angry & never upset; It lives in harmony at any situation; and it's humble